Last visit to Salvadoriana…

Have you ever had, whenever visiting a great temporary exhibition, the sad feeling that, after closing, it will be lost forever? In fact, regarding Salvadoriana, this is not completely true… we have the terrific (open access) catalog in trilingual version at our disposal…


Even so, a book is not able to transmit the full 3D sensation of this space of knowledge. So, the day before it ended, I decided to pay a last lonely visit to the beloved exhibition and try to make it a bit more everlasting… Besides this personal feelings, it does not happen everyday in our countries that a history of science exhibition achieves the right amount of founding and reaches such a large amount of people, being able to communicate, as well, the huge scholarly research work, restoration and database classification of all pieces that this treasure, that the Salvador Collection is, fully deserved! Finally as a citizen of Barcelona and of the world, I think we should be very proud that this important piece of our scientific heritage has been finally put at the public’s disposal and fruition!

If you visit Barcelona don’t miss the original collection! Otherwise… I hope you’ll enjoy this personal crumb of madeleine… And sorry for the homemade production!

2016-04-02 12.25.11.jpg

L’exposició Salvadoriana guanya el premi a la millor Exposició Temporal del 2015 a Catalunya


Salvadoriana awarded with the AMC Award 2015 Best Temporary Exhibition in Catalonia

La exposición Salvadoriana gana el premio a la mejor exposición temporal del 2015 en Cataluña



Fotos de JM de Llobet i de Cristina Serradell

Hot off the press: Barcelona: An Urban History of Science and Modernity, 1888-1929

It took 2 publishers (originally Ashgate, now Routledge), three intensive workshops at the IMF-CSIC  in Barcelona, all in all nearly 4 years, to get these 10 articles by in total 18 authors in ONE book.

Cover Barcelona Urban History

Barcelona: An Urban History of Science and Modernity, 1888-1929 was just published. The blurb is here. You may also browse a little here. There is among other things a long list of names (which I will not repeat here), people to be thanked, authors, reviewers, editorial staff, librarians, archivists … Merci! It was a common project, urban in the best sense of the words. Ad multos lectores!
Hot off the press: Barcelona: An Urban History of Science and Modernity, 1888-1929

Redescubiertos en París 253 dibujos anatómicos del siglo XVII



En la Biblioteca  Interuniversitaria de la Salud (BIU Santé), de París, se han identificado recientemente 253 dibujos anatómicos recogidos en un atlas de 4 volúmenes, datados a mediados del siglo XVII.

Se trata de los dibujos que el artista Martin Zaagmolen (1620-1669) hizo para el anatomista Johannes Van Horne (1621-1670), catedrático de anatomía en Leiden desde 1653. Anteriormente, van Horne se había formado en Padua, con Johann Vesling y en Nápoles, con Marco Antonio Severino, entre otros lugares.

Los dibujos son, en su práctica mayoría, estudios miológicos.


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