First workshop

Gabmusana Project HAR2015-64313-P

From the cabinets of wonders to the anatomical popular museums: regimes of exhibition and material culture of medicine.  IMF-CSIC, Barcelona, January 10th, 2017.

The members of the project team will participate as workshop speakers. Comments will follow by Professors:

Roberta Ballestriero (Art Historian, in residence at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, London and Associated Lecturer to MA Art & Science at the University of the Arts, London)  and

Cristiana Bastos (Anthropologist and researcher at the Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (ICS)).

The main goal of the meeting is the presentation and discussion by the members of the research team of a first approximation of what will became a contribution for a chapter of a forthcoming book, expected to appear in 2018 as a final result of the three years project (2016-2018).

Attendance to the meeting and participation to the discussion is free and open to any interested person.

Anyone interested who registers before January 9th 2017 will receive a copy of the preliminary texts. To register please send an e-mail to:

The texts will be presented during the workshop in a short form, followed by a debate,  coordinated by our guest researchers and open to all the public.

The texts will provide a first draft (goals, historiographical framework, questions, sources and structure) of what we expect to be a collective book on regimes of exhibition and the museographical treatment applied to some contents and collections of human remains, anatomical models, and visual representation in different urban spaces of Madrid and Barcelona, during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Tentative programme 

09.00h-11.00h Presentation and discussion of the contributions of:

José Pardo-Tomás (IMF-CSIC, Barcelona),  Del gabinete de maravillas al museo anatómico popular: regímenes de exhibición y cultura material de la medicina

Julianna Morcelli Oliveros (IMF-CSIC, Barcelona), La curiosidad y los hombres: “lo humano” en el Gabinete de los Salvador. 

Aina Trias Verbeeck (Independent researcher, Sóller), El Gabinete Salvador, una ventana al mar.

11.00-11.30h Coffee break

11.30h-13.30h Presentation and discussion of the contributions of:

Xavier Ulled (ICRPC, Girona), La Pomona Española de Josep Salvador: exhibición de modelos de frutas e intereses comerciales

Emma Sallent Del Colombo (Independent researcher, Barcelona), Las “cosas humanas” objeto de interés del naturalista: el caso del viaje Jussieu-Salvador por la península ibérica (1716-17).

Maribel Morente Parra (UCM, Madrid) Arte para la Anatomía. Materialidad didáctica en el Real Colegio de Cirugía de San Carlos de Madrid

13.30h-15.30h Lunch

15.30h-16.50h Presentation and discussion of the contributions of:

Haydée García-Bravo (CEIICH-UNAM, México), La exhibición anatómica del cuerpo nacional. Maniquíes y cráneos indígenas en Madrid, 1892

Mauricio Sánchez-Menchero (CEIICH-UNAM, México), Grandes planos, diminutas personas o de cuando la gente pequeña se apropió de su percepción. Materialidad fotográfica y exhibiciones (s. XIX-XX)

16.50h-17.15h Coffee break

17.15h-19.00h Presentation and discussion of the contributions of:

Begoña Torres Gallardo (UB, Barcelona), Proyección de la Anatomía Humana en el aula. Placas de vidrio: didáctica y materialidad de la Anatomía en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Barcelona (1890s-1930s)

Alfons Zarzoso Orellana (MHMC, Terrassa) ¿Dónde está la pierna de Ramon Turró? Tras las colecciones del museo de patología de la Universidad de Barcelona

Final discussion and closing